Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Cast Pictures

Hey guys!

So this post is slightly different to the norm (though straight after this I shall post my May Wrap Up and June TBR so never fear)

The pictures have been released for Harry, Ginny and Albus for the play The Cursed Child which opens in London for previews next week (arhjghgj why do I have to wait until April 2017 for my showing arhjgkh)



13307354_1110901385647288_8804678009460500094_nSo here is Jamie Parker playing Harry (19 year later)

I actually really like him, I think he looks a lot like James, and his hair is spot on. His face and body look worn but after everything he’s been through I think he deserves to look a little weathered. His suit and pocket for his wand is beaut and I am actually really excited about this choice! (And for those who keep going on about Daniel Radcliffe…. he’s Harry for the film and a great Harry at that, but he isn’t the only Harry and as this is a play they are allowed to cast different representations of the characters.) So give him a chance guys.



Just look at that Weasley outfit. That is Weasley style if I ever saw it. Played by Poppy Miller, she encompasses Ginny’s stern but playful look about her. The hair suits her, her personality from this stance suits the character as well! Another well cast character in my opinion!



Played by Sam Clemmett I am unsure of this choice for Albus. Bearing in mind this play opens with Albus going off to his first year of Hogwarts.. so he will be aged 11….. here he looks aged 15 at least.I don’t mind him? But he wouldn’t be my first choice for Albus, he’s way too old.

My second point on Sam Clemmett should come with the last picture released (one of all three)

13344717_1110901512313942_2413303390793163507_nHe is as tall as his mother and father….. at 11….okay casting agents.

I do love the family portrait apart from this though, the take on Ginny and Harry is in my  mind perfect and I cannot wait for more photos and information to be released!

Cursed Child Script Release: 31.07.2016


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