My Top 10 anticipated book releases June ’16 – Jan ’17

Yes, we are nearly (by a week or so) coming to the middle our year – EEKKKKK JUNE ALREADY PEOPLE IS NEARLY UPON US! I am super excited about this month anyway as I am going to Whitby for a week of peace, book reading, walks on the beach and HARRY POTTER LOCATIONS! 😀 SUPER EXCITED!!!

While all this is going on it’s dawned on me that this second part of the year is littered with gold books that I cannot wait to grace Waterstones and Amazon and subsequently my shelves ❤

So without further ado here are my top ten in no particular order (because otherwise I could go on forever – THERE ARE SO MANY BEAUTIES)

Number 10: Replica by Lauren Oliver (Release date October 6th)

Now, after watching and catching up on BEA book hauls this one was trawling the block, I mean I think it featured in nearly everyone I watched (and I spent a whole evening with a mug of green tea excited at their books and jealous at that moment that I live in stupid England where we are too far away to just fly over for  BOOKCON, though seriously it’s on my bucket list guys so fingers crossed for next year) Replica can be read in a number of different ways as one side has Lyra’s side of the story and the other side has Gemma’s so you could read all of one and then all of the other or take it a chapter each- either way this sounds a super cool story and an interactive way to read the book which is a lovely bonus! Also the book cover for the BEA was beautiful – I hope the UK edition is similar at least ❤


Number 9: The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (Release date June 30th) 

Okay so not only is it set in RUSSIA??!! RUSSIA PEOPLE! It follows two teenage enchanters who go head to head to be the Imperial Enchanter (one can summon snow and turn ash into gold, the other can see through walls and conjure bridges out of thin air) This sounds so good, and in Russia as well and with Kings and Queens and treachery and politics and FANTASSY Ugh ❤ COME ON JUNE!


Number 8: Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Release Date November 8th) 

I’m still on my way through the Lunar Chronicles series but I am a big fairytale/Disney fanatic ❤ So when you bring up Alice in Wonderland AHHHHHH I am all over that shit. Seriously, you said Wonderland? I am there. We follow the Queen of Hearts and I am super pumped to get an antagonist story I mean these aren’t given enough ❤


Number 7: Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (Release date September 20th) 

Reading a novel about a kids thirst for adventure, love and heartbreak. This book sounds tragic and in all honesty it sounds like a guilty crying pleasure that will break me as hard as Me Before You earlier this year.


Number 6: The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead (August)

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book for a really long time, I mean I remember this was announced like way back maybe even Dec 2015/Jan 2016? Anyway it comes out in two months and I am super excited as we follow a woman who is actually from a high class life but she escapes that and takes part in a regime that helps poorer women become ladies which leads to high up marriages. Of course with hiding her identity she has many secrets and there will be so many twists and turns along the way I just cannot waaaait!


Number 5: Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake (Release date September 2016) 

In this book we see three sisters (and not just sisters, triplets) all with magical powers that are different but all powerful. They have to fight one another for the one crown, and by fight it’s to the death. Two must die. This just sounds epic, female lead and amaazzing! Give me it now Blake!!


Number 4: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Release date 22 Sept 2016)

I haven’t completely finished Six of Crows just yet but I am already excited for the sequel! I haven’t wanted to read anything because ya know there’s the small matter of spoilers (haha) but I have seen the artwork when it was released on twitter what seems like an age ago and it looks be-a-utiful. I mean look at that below, sighs in happiness.

Number 3: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (Release date Jan 17th 2017)

So even though Allegiant still leaves a sour taste in my mouth (uhgujhfgj) Veronica Roth can still write amazing characters, plot and story lines. So it is no surprise that I am really really excited to get my hands on some more of her writing. This book will be pre-ordered, and this is my highly anticipated release for Jan 2017 AHDJFHJH!


Number 2: The Muse by Jessie Burton (Release date July 30th) 

Screams in excitement. Jessie Burton is an amazing writer – she captivated me with her debut novel ‘The Miniaturist’ which I read earlier this year ❤ I loved it and if this is her writing style forever, I will gulp up anything she publishes. Not only does The Muse sound super duper cool, it sounds haunting, gripping and beautiful – it has a beaut of a cover which must be owned in hardback (I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but Loo–ooo-ook!)

Number 1: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Script (Release date July 31st- Harry’s and JK’s BIRTHDAY YO) 

Hahaha this one has been order since minutes after the announcement. Like I was on that ball and I rolled away my money straight away. I do not care it’s in a script format, any words from JK Rowling’s finger tips about Harry Potter and their next installment on life I mean why wouldn’t I want that?!?! I am unbelievably excited this will be the most excited I will be about a book since the Deathly Hallows. Seriously. I am not going to sleep when I get this, it will be read within hours ❤ Argh


So guys, that is my top ten for the next six months (plus Jan 2017, sorry Roth deserved her place because ajgkhfgkjf) I am so excited for all of these, but please let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to and lets discuss!! Soon to come will be my video  review on my early viewing of Me Before You (weep, cry, sob).


Anywaaaaaay – Book Review wise my post up will take slightly longer than normal, I’ve done a stupid thing of starting four books at once and reading them all slowly – I am SOOOO silly! Three of these I have mentioned before (Six of Crows, Queen of the Tearling and Fangirl- but I have lost my copy! :O) my last one I have started recently is American Gods and fdghfj it is already so gripping and epic and I want to finish it BUT it is long book Neil made sure of that :L

Until next time guys!

Em x

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