Beauty & the Beast – Teaser Trailer Review

So we have all known the live action of Beauty and the Beast was happening. We have been here for the castings
Emma Watson – Belle

Luke Evans- Gaston

and my boo, Dan Stevens as Beast

We’ve had promo pics of Belle:

But the day before yesterday the teaser trailer was released and boy oh boy does it look beautiful!

The Disney Castle icon was replaced by the Beast’s castle in snow which was a nice touch to the opening ❤

The main theme is the same, just altered in dramatics near the end and it was a lovely as the soundtrack to the trailer. The clips we are shown are places in the castle but these places are either gathering cobwebs and the light is fading. My favourite part was the candles going down to signify the amount of time that was passing.

We then go black and hear Lumiere and Cogsworth’s voices, the door opens and we as the viewers who know the story know it’s Belle ‘She’s the one’ who is about to walk through the castle.

We end on the rose in the glass dome, and Emma Watson staring through the other side to it (which is obviously the scene where she is snooping around the West Wing (naughty Belle)

So March 2017 is the time we have to wait for, sighs. 😦 It looks like it’s going to be breath- taking in any case and worth the wait!

Here is the trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen it, or for anyone who wants to watch it again!

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