Supernatural Season 11 ep 20 Review

I know I have never posted a blog post dedicated to a TV Show as of yet, and to hit a post right near the end of a series seems silly and irrelevant. But this episode needs to be reviewed. Most of you may not know, but Supernatural has been one of my most favourite and treasured shows. I binge watched seasons 1-7 (at that time I was up to date) through Uni, and since then I’ve kept up to date with nearly every episode (disregarding some filler obviously). I have just gotten around to watching this episode and my heart-strings were pulled. I have tears streaming down my face – this episode was beautifully and tragically emotionally grounding. But it also felt like it was emotionally disabling because nothing seems happy right now.

Let me explain. (And there will be spoilers) 

At the beginning we open up with a random set up ‘people we don’t know, supernatural happening, Dean and Sam get called’ and we also have a parallel storytelling of Metatron. He is dumpster diving through for food, and we see him share what he finds with a dog – he shouts up for this to end and then is taken to a rosy-tinted bar which lo and behold has God seated in it. They have chats, and discuss things and Metatron questions him and as a viewer, normally I couldn’t stand the sight of him but in this episode, it turned from disgust to empathy. Writers, I salute you- that was a challenge with a character like him.

Now these story lines go on, God has tried to write an autobiography, it doesn’t include much about his mistakes and he’s also being an ostrich and burying his head in the sand about Amara (who is about to destroy humanity) because he thinks it’s ‘her time to shine now.’


Now at first I didn’t understand why we kept cutting back to the standard story line, I mean it’s one we’re used to by now eleven seasons in – but only at the very end does it come together. Amara is causing the fog and it ends up getting to Sam (who starts choking/dying) Dean shouts up to Amara to stop this, while God sings his song to Metatron ( which in turn is his own swan song, as he is admitting that he will now challenge Amara and save humanity) Which once he’s finished, he does save humanity from the fog and show himself to Dean and Sam saying ‘let’s talk’

Now, not only did his song make me blub like  a good’n. The fact the amulet came back again also broke my heart – we haven’t seen this important prop in so long. Writers, thank you. For the first time this season, you’ve made an episode so good it shines nostalgia, freshness and a strong story line which lines up perfectly for the last three episodes of the season.

On a side note, I am actually at the Asylum 16 convention right now, ready for talks and photos galore with the very actors themselves tomorrow, which I think hits home how much you can love a show. So it seemed only fitting that I dedicated a post to this episode that surprised me, and to also dedicate it to a show that even though it has its filler episodes and its questionable plot points – it’s still Supernatural, and we’re all still family.

Leave a comment below what you thought of the episode, and where you think the ending will lead us! C’mon, you can admit it if you cried 😉 Til next time, Assbutts. 


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