Captain America: Civil War Review!

Ahhh, so we land on one of the biggest blockbusters for Marvel release this year, and one of the most anticipated. When I knew of the film adaption I was really excited, I mean SO MANY CHARACTERS IN ONE PLACE RIGHT? And then the trailer was released, and there was well…not so many characters. Now I understand you can’t introduce too many characters into one film at once – I get that. But having a Civil War with what – ten people? C’mon Marvel Studios…..


One thing that did really bug me was that the Fantastic 4 were not included in the line up, they are a main story line running through the comic (the adapted comic by Mark Miller and Steve Mcmiven) and the relationship between Sue and Dr Reed Richards ❤ but I guess you didn’t have the rights and couldn’t come to a brave and less petulant decision hey Marvel/Fox?

I feel like calling it Civil War was too early in their grand line up – and they didn’t follow the comic in most respects so it doesn’t really count as a Civil War at all more ‘Captain America: Bucky Trouble’ or Captain America: A difference of opinion with Tony Stark’ ahhh shucks.

If we ignore the fact it’s called Civil War, I actually really enjoyed it – Chris Evans was amazing as always as Captain America and RDJ was dickish and mostly himself reprising his role as Iron Man.
I was sad there was no Hulk 😦 I do love a bit of Ruffalo – but I was so pleased by Hawkeye being there, and his sass which seems to have been carried over from Ultron was on form. I am pleased they layered that to his character.

Black Widow actually did something other than look tearful over Bruce and was badass especially in the opening scene!

I was really impressed with the casting for the Black Panther: Chadwick Boseman – super pleased! He was so light and agile and skjghdfgdfkj beautiful character portrayal.

The writing of the film was well done, Steve’s anguish for Bucky was definitely felt and I was really pleased with Bucky’s development that it happened slowly and felt it was definitely right with his character the decision in the end. His hair though – I mean look at that swooosh!



Ant Man was hilarious, and actually my favourite part from the film ❤ I love Paul Rudd anyway but he brings something so fresh to this already dynamic group of characters, he’s hard to tear your eyes away from him!

The Vision and Scarlet Witche’s relationship made me very sad 😦 You could see how much he cared for her and I did think Tony was out of order putting her on lockdown – I mean come on!?

So I know there is one character I haven’t talked about yet….Spiderman. Now I was a big big fan of Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman – it was actually hard to move on to Andrew Garfield – but to move on again? I mean WHY? Garfield has already been established – I mean please???

Tom Holland was good, he looked like a Peter Parker – but eshkjhfk it still didn’t sit completely right for me, I guess I’ll have to form my opinion of him next year in Spiderman: Homecoming before I make my final judgement.


I mean… she sticks out like a sore thumb?!?!?! SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE AUNT MAY – WHY IS SHE MILF?? WHY DIRECTORS, WHY?!

Anyway, after that pet peeve, the rest of the film was really really good. I loved the soundtrack and as always the cliff hanger into the next film was really good – though the end credits could have been a bit more exciting. As I said at the beginning I really wouldn’t call this Civil War as it had nothing to do with the comic, and you’re calling one scene in a parking lot it for a film based on the sides differences? Pfft, there could of been a lot more.


Anyway, what do you guys think? How does it compare for you? And do you think Aunt May is waaaaay too young? Comment below!

Dumplin’ review to come this week ( I am so close to the finish line with her 😀 )

See you later guys!




4 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Review!

    • WedgesofLemon says:

      I think it’s because Tony made a think about ‘hot aunt’ so that’s obviously what they were pushing – but in the comics Aunt May has always looked considerably more like a Grandma – so respective of Marisa’s age the audience is technically none the wiser (I for one definitely did not think she would be that age! :L ) But hey, it’s all a matter of opinion! I know a lot of my friends who preferred the younger take on May 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Diego says:

        Me too aha I had to do some research for my comment, she’s looking great! Aha that’s fair enough! One thing we can agree on is that the new Spider-Man film is gonna be awesome. (Right?)


  1. Sci-Fi Pie says:

    I’m sorry, but I barely agree with. This movie most certainly deserves the title “Civil War”. The comic isn’t 50 fighting scene either? The Civil War comics also just really had that one big final battle outside of 42.


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