How to get yourself out of a reading slump: 101

Hey guys,

So this post is a little different to a review this week as of late with being ill (and spraining my ankle today, I mean whaaaat) I have had trouble with reading  😦 I entered a reading slump and only this week have I managed to pick myself out of it. I mean, I’ve been really upset, I feel really far behind with booktube (I haven’t wanted to watch any videos because I feel bad for not updating my own youtube) and I haven’t wanted to buy anymore books (well not as many as usual) because I have so many left to read and no room left on my very small, pathetic bookshelves.

So this blog post is laying out the stages I followed into getting myself out of a reading slump.

1: Read your favourite childhood book. Now I read Harry Potter PoA and I really, really enjoyed it. It was like eating one of your favourite cakes. It was splendid and reminded me how easily I can imagine worlds, and empathise with characters and just click with a book.

2: For your next book, pick a contemporary with a light voice and slight humour. This worked for me because I run through these types of books fast and it made me feel productive and therefore able/wanting to read more books! I was stuck in Six of Crows (which I am/was really excited about you guys) and it just wasn’t moving for me. So yesterday I switched to my newly bought Dumplin’ and I love it – so expect a review for that next week!

3: Make book lists! This made me more excited about books to come, books I have and gave me perspective on the task ahead of me. So now once I finish my next book I hope to be back into watching booktube and up to date! :L

So I hope these three tips (I do have more but these are the short, quick fixes for me) help you guys! I hope this Spring Reading Slump is finally over (which it seems to be!) and I can get back to quick reading, reviews aplenty and a productive Youtube channel!

Next Week: Book Review of Dumplin’ & my Haul/Wrap Up/April Mid TBR video!

29th April: Civil War Graphic Novel Review/Film Comparison

See you soon guys! 😀


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