Feb Wrap Up & March TBR

Hey guys!

This was going to be a Youtube video, but I’ve been really ill recently and unable to film dgjfkhgf which I apologize for! Here is my Feb Wrap Up and March TBR!

I read a short amount of 3 books 😦 Not as good as I would of liked it but I’ve been extremely busy and there are no breaks at work to catch a page or two 😦

1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I wasn’t too keen on this book, it was alright, there were many twists and turns but I was happy to leave this on a slow train and never go back to it.


2. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

A high fantasy epic like nothing I’ve ever read – I loved this book, the characters and the twist at the end. All I can say is that I am sad I never discovered Sanderson before! Looking forward to reading Firefight very soon!


Also how beautiful is this cover???

3. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

The last book I read this month was Red Queen and as I said in my previous review post on it – I wasn’t thrilled with the main voice (Mare) she seemed a little weak in places and her thoughts really really annoyed me. But I shall still read Glass Sword, I mean more Cal right?? 😉


So on to my March TBR! I’m already head deep into Six of Crows! I absolutely love it so far! Also on my list is The Guest Cat, Ready Player One and a re-read of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (if I have time Scarlet the second of the Lunar Chronicles series)

Sorry for this not being a youtube video, I hope you enjoyed this rather short post! LET’S READ ON INTO SPRING! ❤

Check back very soon for my review on Allegiant- I’m seeing it tonight and I’m quite nervous about it- shjghjdfhg I shall do a comparison post!

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