So tonight showed us the BAFTA winners with two weeks to go to the BIG one. The all out red carpet, glamorous ball gown show down of the best films of the year. But before the Oscars is the smaller of the award ceromonies: The BAFTAs.

Best Film 

The Revenant – no big surprise here. I was a little sad Spotlight didn’t win here as I felt it was a better film – but it still is a worthy opponent.

The Oscars Prediction: I want it to be Spotlight, but I am guessing it will be the Revenant.

Best Actor

Now, with Leo already bagging the Golden Globe, and the BAFTA he looks set on taking the first Oscar of his life – and even though I was not 100% (still in the high 90’s though) happy with his performance for all those years of missing out, this is his year to grab it with both hands.

Oscars Prediction: Leo

Best Actress

Brie Larson – She was amazing in Room and I hands down wanted her to take the BAFTA, and the Oscar too if they would be so kind. Cate Blanchett could of won for Carol here and I am sad that the film on a whole came away with nothing. #snub

Oscars Prediction: Brie Larson

Supporting Actor 

Now I haven’t seen Bridge of Spies (I am going to try and cram it in before next Sunday) and I am sure Mark Rylance deserved his award. I cannot help but be mighty disappointed in Mark Ruffalo not getting it – his performance in Spotlight was amazing.

Oscars Prediction: Tom Hardy (BUT PLEASE MARK RUFF PLEASE)

Supporting Actress

Now Kate Winslet is a fantastic actress and picking up a win for her character in Steve Jobs is another well deserved win. But Rooney Mara was even more deserving for her touching performance in Carol – even more so than Cate Blanchett.

Oscars Prediction: Rooney Mara (because I am hoping the panel see what’s right)

Best Director

As I said The Revenant was good – but there were some moments which were so long which could have easily been cut. The opening scene is the audience staring at running water through trees for Pete’s sake. There are some lovely shots and the first action scene is filmed spectacularly (which is why it’s a hearty winner for cinematography) but from what I heard I was expecting Steven Spielberg to take it for Bridge of Spies.

Oscar Prediction: Spotlight. This was directed beautifully. It’s slick, it has tension – perfect.

Baftas Overview

The Revenant: 5

Mad Max: Fury Road: 4
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 2
Brooklyn: 1
The Big Short: 1
Steve Jobs: 1
Spotlight: 1
Bridge of Spies: 1
The Hateful Eight: 1
Carol: 0 –  (I mean what????)

With just under one week until the Oscars please tell me your predictions for the night! I am looking forward to that live stream at 3am- OH THE JOYS OF LIVING IN THE UK!






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