My Top 10 fictional influences and shoulders to cry on

I’ve read ever since I could remember, but whose stuck with me through out my whole life so far? Who has been my knight in shining armour? The devil on my shoulder or just the ones who have made me better after a shitty day? Here I’m going to list you my top 10 fictional influences and ones who have always been there for me – please feel free to give me yours down below! I would love to hear/share/compare them!  I apologise for the length of this post, the topic took me off on a journey with some of my most beloved friends. 

Number Ten


from Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies

Now I don’t know many people who have read this book, but I recommend it to anyone who will listen. When I was younger I had this out of the school library so often that my mum brought me my own copy (I literally kept the school’s one at home, renewing it all through the year and begrudgingly giving it back through the summer holidays). This book is called Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies the character I want to mention is Rannoch. Now Rannoch is a stag, and we follow him since the night he was born. He embraces all of the traits I hoped to develop when I was young. He’s inspiring, he’s brave, courageous and loyal – and he fights for what who he is and what he is prophesied to achieve. This adventure was one of the first I embarked on, and Rannoch was by my side, a companion and a worthy fighter I will never forget. I know anything is possible if I just think like him.

(On a side not: seriously guys, read this book – it’s freaking amazing and the adventure, the treachery and the fight is one of the best I have ever read!)


Number Nine 

Elinor Dashwood

from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 

One of  the Sense and Sensibilities sisters, and the older one at that. I love everything she embroiders and being an only child when I read this particular Jane Austen novel it was Elinor who gave me the greatest advice and comfort (especially when I was upset about a crush who didn’t like me just like poor Marianne with Willoughby. She is a such a strong woman to put other people’s upset before her own and I respect her 110% for that.

Here, have Emma Thompson (as she plays her so well in this adaption)


Number Eight 

Sebastian Moran 

from Kim Newman’s version of Moriarty in The Hound of the D’urbervilles

Under-represented in every way on the small screen in Sherlock which I try not to let get to me, especially as Guy Ritchie had such a perfect cast in Paul Anderson for Sherlock Holmes films –  it’s a totally different ball game in the world of books. Moran flourishes under Kim’s direction and I absolutely sodding love him. My cockney, growling tiger is fierce with his love of women and love of guns. He’s everything Moriarty’s partner and sniper should be and he’s definitely someone I look for when I need a good cheer up from a bad day. Who wouldn’t want to hunt tigers with him hm?

Number Seven


from Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman 

Noughts and Crosses was one of the first YA novels I got into and it’s stuck with me for its hard political threads and the injustice of one of the most heart breaking pairings ever. Before Tris and Four, there was Callum and Sephy.

Callum is in my top 10 fictional influences because not only is he brave, he’s willing to give so much for the one he loves and if you’ve read the book, nothing can be questioned for him, not his loyalty, not his love, not his courage. He gave me reason to hope for a loving relationship, and one where they  would be right for me because I decided so, not because society pushed me in a box. Callum gave me courage to believe in my own decisions.

Number Six


Violet Baudelaire 

from The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket 

The ribbon, her hair, her inventions. She was my childhood hero for the Baudelaire children. Herself and Klaus helped me build a sanctuary and together we all used go inside it, and I would read their adventures. I never felt alone when I read these books.


Number Five 

Jo March

from Little Women by Louise M Alcott

She’s spunky. She trusts her instincts, she’s vulnerable, she’s creative. She taught me that having my own mind is a good thing, that I should embrace who I am- even if it wasn’t ‘correct’. I’ve always shed many a tear with Jo – such a strong being, one of my all time favourites.

Number Four

Peter Pan

from Peter Pan by J M Barrie

Peter Pan, even as an adult reminding me that I never have to grow up -also the directions that I have never forgotten: second star to the right and straight on til morning.

Number Three

Katniss Everdeen

from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss was one of my teen idols – reading those books started off a unique bond – she is vicious, she is sarcastic, she hates people – she is literally my soul mate. She has so much strength and courage to do the right thing for justice, for love, I absolutely adore her. In another world she would be number one but for now, third place will have to do. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you KATNISS EVERDEEN, my favourite tribute.


Number Two


from Wicked by Gregory Maguire 

Before the hit of a musical, there was a book. And inside that book is Elphaba – my best friend and partner in misunderstood crime. I love her with everything I have – she’s the outcast, but she follows her own mind and with a few of my other favourites has been another to show me how being yourself is the best way and that you make your own destiny. (If you haven’t read this quadrilogy you really should, isn’t OZ calling you?)

Honourable Mentions: Tris Prior, Alice in Wonderland, Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials), Cecelia Tallis, Allie Hamilton, Gandalf the Grey and Luna Lovegood

Number One

Hermione Granger 

from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling 

It’s probably no surprise she’s here, and I know it’s probably very predictable but I am sure every young girl who was part of the original HP generation when the first book was published will always have some part of Hermione inside of them. With her bushy hair, her love of reading and her know it all ways (sadly me in school, I wasn’t very much liked because of that 😉 ) she is me. I feel when I read her, I am reading myself and I can’t imagine anything stronger with a character from fiction. Hermione Granger, you grow with me and I cannot imagine life without you. Through the good, and the bad – always.

(Her hair should always have been more bushy in the films, but Emma Watson is still the face of her, and I think for me, she always will be.)


So that’s it guys, PHEW that was hard. I am sorry if it bored you all, I didn’t realise how much I would pour my heart into that. I realise there is a pattern with strong female leads, and I actually would like to give more of a place to Tris Prior but another time (if I was just doing females heheh)- anyway have a great weekend guys and please share your top 10 characters who have been there for you since you started reading.



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