GOOOOOD NEWS! Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Book 8!

I know so many of you will know this by now but I am overjoyed with this release of information!!!



On the 31st of July (Harry’s & J.K’s birthday yaaccck) the book will be officially released- finally!!!! So more magic, more Harry (and hopefully an update on Ron and Hermione too) and delving back into the Wizarding World! I am jumping up and down with joy, I think I need to sit down and see Madam Pomfrey. Dear god-


I am really pleased they are making the play into a book, although I have tickets for 2017 it’s too far away to know how the story is going to continue so to have this beauty of a script in my hands is too good to be true.

And the 31st of July is a SUNDAY! So I can agree with Vernon Dursley on this one


I shall be waiting at midnight to pick up my pre-ordered copy with everyone else jkghkjfgh so much excitement! So with this glorious piece of information, I am off to cuddle my little brood of puffskeins in joy.

Witches & Wizards from the UK you can order your copy here


Happy Happy Day!



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