Long time, no see!

Hey guys, I realise I haven’t updated since September last year – wow. That sucks. That really really sucks. Life took over with work, and I was Christmas Coordinator (everyone oooooo)  this year at my local so life was turned upside and was filled with turkeys, gammon, Christmas pudding and crackers. – Yes, crackers is a word that definitely describes that period. But ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME ‘ right? Wrong. Hahahaa I am not going for that again, but I will try with ‘NEW YEAR – SAME ME/COULD DO A BETTER ME?’ Because, lets be honest the ‘you’ you are now is beautiful – it’s just what you do with yourself that will define you 🙂

Anyway moving away from that – I am going to try and make this blog a better, bigger place 🙂 Starting with updates on the Oscars. I did try last year, and got as far as the ‘before party’ where I marveled at all those dresses. Lady Gaga did look great in those washing up gloves 😉 2016 OSCARS IS FILLED  WITH SUCH A BRIGHT AND CLEVER YEAR OF FILM: Brie Larson looks to steal for Best Actress and as every year with Leonardo I have my fingers crossed for Best Actor for Revenant.

I have a big pile of books for the new year, which I am head deep in – so expect small but hopefully helpful reviews! I’m also baking away in my small kitchen so recipes might pop out now and then.

I know my main focus of last year was my Insanity Blogs, and I will be doing another round at some point but at the moment I am exploring more of my hobbies and hope to share them with you guys 🙂 Well, I must be off,  blog posts to plan, food to eat, games to play yaddyyaddyyaaaah 🙂



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