Insanity: Day 15 & 16

Welcome to my Insanity Progress/Review
These posts are in a series documenting my progress and review of one of the hardest workouts ever made: Insanity
Check back over the last couple of entries if you want to see more.
Follow me for updates each day on how each workout is, how I feel – and if it’s working! Don’t forget to like and please comment if you have any questions!

Day 15: Cardio Circuit 

After my achievements the day before I was raring to go today- I pushed hard, and sweating buckets at only 10am in the morning. I ached all over once finished, but was still elated from the progress shown yesterday.

Day 16: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Pure Cardio was a b*tch – absolute sweat, and I couldn’t push as hard as I pushed yesterday, and then when I thought it was all over – I had to do Cardio Abs – which hurt like hell. I mean I do want abs, but they really burn (even now) and I don’t know how I am going to work tonight with this pain. Humph.

Hope everyone else’s Insanity progress is going well! Follow for updates and please like and comment how your experience has been!

Yesterday you said Tomorrow 

Healthy is the new Sexy

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