Insanity: Day 7 & 8

Welcome to my Insanity Progress/Review
These posts are in a series documenting my progress and review of one of the hardest workouts ever made: Insanity
Check back over the last couple of entries if you want to see more.
Follow me for updates each day on how each workout is, how I feel – and if it’s working! Don’t forget to like and please comment if you have any questions!

Hey guys! I combined these two days because as both are repeated workouts, my results and feelings on both are quite similar!

Day 7: Cardio Power and Resistance

Today I felt so tired, like my body physically couldn’t continue. I pushed of course, and felt more and more worn out. I guess it’s just my body recovering – but it really took it out of me fast.

Day 8: Pure Cardio

Now, this one was another sweat burner, and you just know you are burning off weight when you do this workout. I was literally squealing in pain – it was horrible. But when the stretches came – oh it felt so good! The workouts are definitely starting to grow on me – they really make you want to push.

Again I still felt really tired and fatigued- I guess combining work as well as this exercise will do that to you. Bleagh.

I’ll be right on to updating tomorrow after my workout – thank you to everyone who has been sticking with me, and I hope your Insanity workout schedule is going well too! Do let me know!

Yesterday you said Tomorrow. 

Healthy is the new sexy

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