Insanity: Day 5 & The Rest Day!

Welcome to my Insanity Progress/Review
These posts are in a series documenting my progress and review of one of the hardest workouts ever made: Insanity
Check back over the last couple of entries if you want to see more.
Follow me for updates each day on how each workout is, how I feel – and if it’s working! Don’t forget to like and please comment if you have any questions!

Hey guys! Sorry this update is a day late – I did the workout yesterday, but I never had chance to update my blog! Here is the results from yesterday’s workout. I hope everyone is having a good rest day, WE DESERVE IT!! 😀

Day 5:  Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Back to the beginning again! Even though this was a repeated workout, it still felt fresh to me as my body had not learnt the pattern. I worked out areas that had not been used in the previous workouts and I still got very, very sweaty!

I also had very harsh aches in the back of my legs, which stopped me in some places of the workout from doing some of the exercises- but better safe than sorry!

Shaun T is really one of the best motivators I have ever known for exercise – he realises this is hard and that is a really big push to give it all you’ve got!

Day 6: Rest Day

Today I am definitely feeling it – I mean sheesh – that’s more workout I have ever done in the last year, let alone the last week! But on evaluation I feel a little more flexible, stronger and darn right happy! Exercise is really the best medicine (and I really did think it was the devil) I am so happy I have stuck through it a week, and I am so excited to see what next week holds!

Keep going, you can do it!

Yesterday you said Tomorrow. 

Healthy is the new sexy


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