Insanity: Day 3

Welcome to my Insanity Progress/Review
These posts are in a series documenting my progress and review of one of the hardest workouts ever made: Insanity
Check back over the last couple of entries if you want to see more.
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Day 3: Cardio Recovery 

Today I thought I wouldn’t sweat much.

Ho ho ho. I think I sweated the same amount as when doing full cardio, if not more?? The 33 minutes workout was full of deep repeated stretches, pushing your body and making yourself more flexible. This has been my favourite from the others so far as I really felt I had time to get my form correct before he went on to do something else. I also felt I was still working really hard, I mean I had sweat dripping from my face, and I was extremely hot by the end – just like the cardio workouts.

 I found the squat holds hard, Shaun T telling me to breathe every few seconds- I mean I was panting, does that count as breathing?  I found I was able to place my palms completely on the floor during the ham string stretch, which is something I haven’t been able to do for a while, so just by Day 4 (including the Fitness Test in here) my body is now slightly more flexible – which is amazing!!

It was definitely nice to have a break from cardio, and I still felt like it was worth it- I mean I know I mention it every time but I was sweating buckets.

Tomorrow is ‘Pure Cardio’ which sounds….. energetic, sweaty and like I’ll be pushing myself further than I have these last three days – so I thank the lord for the day like this each week!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to comment! Or if you want to share your Insanity reviews or workouts then please do so! I would love to hear them!

And remember: Yesterday you said tomorrow! 

Healthy is the new sexy


2 thoughts on “Insanity: Day 3

  1. scarletpen28 says:

    I’ve debated doing Insanity but I simply hate jumping…and there’s a lot of jumping. I know there is a shorter version out there, which I think would be a lot easier to fit into my day. Insanity is a huge time commitment but you can’t argue with the results! Good job.

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    • WedgesofLemon says:

      I know – Jumping wasn’t a great thing for me either – so I have started off with baby jumps (the tiniest amount my feet have to be off the floor :L) But I understand about the time commitment, I just try and work my day around it – say I know I spend hours on the internet or sleeping- I try and sacrifice just 40 minutes of that leisure time. And with some days – say next week I graduate on Saturday – I will put that as my rest day and workout on the Sunday – If you’re looking for a shorter one I recommend Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred! 🙂 – it comes in three 10 day parts, so you could just do 10 days of it 🙂 And thank you – let’s just see if I last until Day 60 :L


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