Insanity: Day 2

Welcome to my Insanity Progress/Review
These posts are in a series documenting my progress and review of one of the hardest workouts ever made: Insanity
Check back over the last couple of entries to see the beginning.

Day 2: Cardio Power and Resistance 

Okay, so I woke up today feeling stiff and achy (especially along my lower back) ergh. It was a hobble down the stairs for breakfast I can tell you.

I did fancy just having a binge with Netflix again but I knew I had to push on through this workout before I could get there (it takes more than a day to change your body, and we’re training it), so after making sure I had enough water for the session, I pushed in the next DVD. Here we go (if yesterday is anything to go by it’s going to get harder)

Okay so this workout was even harder than yesterday – and that is really saying something! Today I felt more of a push to go harder, because I made myself proud by being motivated enough to even want to exercise.  I did most of the workouts, pushing myself to finish while he was saying 5,4,3,2,1 etc

I still cannot do a push up, but hey it’s only the second day of the workout – I did a half one instead, knowing I need to spend time building my upper body strength.

This workout has made me sweat more than I thought was possible, it was literally dripping off of  me, and I was red like a tomato in seconds (and puffing and moaning etc – everything that comes with hard exercise). My heart rate stayed elevated during the entire workout and anything I couldn’t do today, instead of recovering, I let myself do a light jog so I was still moving (and sweating).

I still had to pause around 20% of the workout while I was lying on the floor, almost in tears, reaching for my water bottle which was just out of sight.

There is no greater feeling of coming to the five minute stretches at the end, knowing you have completed the workout. I was so proud of myself for not stopping – it’s a big thing to complete it, and if they are puffed out, sweating and falling on the floor – YOU KNOW IT’S HARD. I mean they do this for a living…

I am looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow, so stay tuned for the next blog update – I know you can do this, honestly, if I can do it (and I really really really am unfit) then anyone can – you’ve just got to work hard at it, and believe in yourself that you will succeed. You’re doing more than the you before by putting the dvd in and beginning the warm up.

Before I leave you today I shall give you this link (it recently went viral). It is Shia Labeaof’s contemporary speech he made a few months back, and someone turned it into a song which actually I find really motivating.

One of my favourite lines is: Yesterday you said tomorrow


Healthy is the new sexy


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