Insanity: Day 1

This is part of a series of posts about the Insanity workout and my progress and review of it – check out the previous post about the fitness test for Insanity if you want to see where it all started. Let’s do this together!

Day 1: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

(This part of the blog was written before I began the workout)

So after yesterday’s start date being cancelled (Work rang me in uhgh) I have officially started the programme. To do a pre-workout I did a tame walk around the village and cow field (with some slight jogging now and then) to get my body a little warm. I then ventured back inside to join Shaun T and company (and gaze in awe at how perfectly fit their bodies are)

Tip 1: Do not underestimate your need for water. Grab a hose if you need to. 

(Just kidding, but seriously – a good sized glass or water bottle is needed)

(Written after the workout)

I’d actually recommend TWO BOTTLES OF WATER. Oh my god – that was insanely hard. Ridiculous.

It started off with three rounds of a warm up. Sorry did I say warm up? JUST A WARM UP?? Puh. It felt like THE WORKOUT – BUT – I did manage to push myself further than I thought and managed to quicken up when I was running on the spot – I felt power go through my feet- I was feeling good at that part.

Then came the stretching to get your muscles ready for the cardio – and I was so out of breath and feeling sick from the ‘warm up’ I found it hard to keep up with the stretching alone.

Then came the next three rounds- (it’s the same workout patten but it’s faster for each round) this was challenging. I trying to keep up but there were some parts where I had to take a step back and remember to breath, water bottle in hand. I actually sacrificed air to drink – I was needing water that much.

The next three were intense – involving press ups, running it out as a push up and more upper body strength workout. This was ridiculous – I can barely do a press up, so I modified it with doing a half one – just so I was doing something. I admit, I tried what I could here but again, I was holding myself on the floor with my water bottle who seemed like my only friend at that time.

During the whole workout my heart felt like it was pumping out my face, and I was so red and hot I looked like a boiled lobster. That was even during the warm up. And I was sweating in places I didn’t even know was possible – I mean who has ever heard of sweaty ankles?? Ewww.

Shaun T was really motivating, his pep talks really helped me get my backside back off the floor and up into doing more power squats or suicide jumps- though I still couldn’t look at him and his fantastic team of really muscled and nice looking people – WHERE DOES HE FIND SO MANY TO DO THIS TO THEMSELVES?? Errghgh

At times I couldn’t help but moan and feel like crying, it was downright hard, and I most certainly wanted to give up six minutes in and just watch them, but I kept pushing as hard as I could go (and sometimes that was a mere step side to side when they were running and jumping and doing god knows what else.)

But I finished Day One – and despite feeling sick, hot, sweaty and achy, I feel satisfaction with the fact I finished day one – that’s better than nothing! Now, onto the next 59 days….

So now I am going to grab myself a green tea and make myself some dinner – look out tomorrow for Day 2’s blog post! Also before pictures have now been taken – you’ll see the before and after photos on Day 60!

Keep with me guys! We can do this!

Healthy is the new sexy

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