Insanity: Fitness Test (The Beginning)

Hello, lovely people!
This blog post will be one of a series to record my 60 day Insanity programme – to motivate, document, and tell the truth about how Insanity actually works and how successfully it works for me. 


The work out which people are seriously insane to do. One of the most fast paced and high intensity workouts known that took the world by storm a few years ago. Lead by pro-dancer Shaun T & company, you are guided through these next 60 days with uplifting pep talks and the envy of looking at the three who are completing this workout with mild sweat while you pant and collapse after one press up.

Yes  – this is the workout I’ve decided to try. As I am looking to join the police force by 2016 I know I need to get much fitter, and faster. And this is where Insanity came in – it’s known to bring good results and all I need is to kick start my fitness levels so I can train easily without wanting to give up. I also have altered my food intake slightly – I already pack in my fruit and veg so it’s more about reducing my portion sizes and upping the protein intake.

So in went that DVD, and I pressed that button with a mixture of anxiousness and excitement as I waited for it to load. The only thing I did today was the fitness test- I dreaded to think what would happen to me if I did that AND the first workout.

To do it I needed a pen and paper to jot down how many of each exercise I did in the time limit given (which was a minute, with 30 seconds rest). And so it began.

I managed to do the first three sections okay – I’d put myself just below average, but I was still happy with the number I had done – it was after this when things started to fall down. I just couldn’t carry on while Shaun T and company smiled and looked pumped up with their perfect abs- making these exercises look so EASY. I mean I still looked and felt like a puffing hippo, gulping water like I had been in the desert for the past week. The fitness test finished 20 minutes later, and I had done maybe 15 minutes worth of the 20. I just couldn’t do it all – but then I wasn’t the one with the abs and the fitness background. I am a normal girl, recently a student, who enjoys food way to much- the amount completed was expected.

Tomorrow will be the day the first workout begins – and I am apprehensive but not feeling as pressured as I did before hand. I mean, I’ve got a long way to go to get there so I can’t expect myself to complete a training fit for athletes perfectly in my first go – why would I need to do this in the first place if I did?

So stick with me as I enter a workout I will probably hate and cry over. And if you’re doing it as well – let’s do this together! If you’ve already done it, I applaud you – from the fitness test alone, this looks like it will one of the hardest things I will ever do.

(Fingers crossed I don’t succumb to the batternburg by tomorrow and that I am still doing this workout by Friday)

Healthy is the new sexy. 


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