Diet Lifestyle vs Healthy Lifestyle

At some point in our lives we’ve always been looking for that ONE BIG CHANGE that can solve it all: make us lose weight so we are that perfect photo-shopped front cover girl on Vogue or give us abs without the exercise. But these fad diets and ‘FACTS THE DOCTOR DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW’ links are complete bullsh*t.
Now I am no saint, of course over my life I’ve clicked on those links, hoping, praying that this time, it will be no fad and it will work. I nearly fell for the Raspberry Ketone con a while ago, and just for entering my details I get text from random numbers every once in a while, trying to persuade me to buy into their scheme. But then I decided enough was enough.
Thing is, diets shouldn’t cut out the best part of life – which is living. If you go out with friends for lunch, and you sit their feeling horrible eating a ‘no dressing, no anything salad’ and your friends are sitting their happy with their burger and chips or indulging in that desert then something is wrong here.
I am not saying eat whatever whenever, but I am going to argue some points on while eating healthy is a great way to live- you’ve got to do just that: LIVE.

Diet Lifestyles
These just don’t work for the long-term. Enough said. Most diets tell you to eliminate one of the vital food groups: carbohydrates, fat or protein. However you need these food groups to keep your body fighting the every day troubles and feeling strong. You will lose weight on these diets, but for the short-term. Piling on the weight will come back over time and you’ll be back to searching for another method.

To be honest, we need to do something before we can carry on.
This little word here:


Get rid of it from your vocabulary.


There is no such thing. You need to replace that with two words.
Healthy Lifestyle.
And then things will become a lot clearer.

Leading onto that, a healthy lifestyle is one where you can enjoy every kind of food you could imagine, in moderation. (Apart from fruit and veggies – I mean they are the greatest! EAT AS MANY AS YOU CAN IN YOUR DAY)

What has been getting to me recently, is that yes, sugars and carbs should be kept to a minimum compared to the rest of your diet, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a cake now and then. People think that when they are trying to eat healthy that cakes, biscuits, chocolate have to be eliminated completely, which makes a lot of people binge eat when they hit a low, stopping their healthy lifestyle altogether.

Here are a few tips which should help anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle – without feeling limited to anything.

1. Colour up your meals. MAKE A RAINBOW. For example fruit on top of your cereal! Strawberries, Bananas, Kiwi, Melon – make it look beautiful.


2. Find a beautiful place to do exercise, say you enjoy yoga – go do that at your nearest country lake. The scenery will lift your mood immensely and you’ll feel doubly good along with the exercise.


3. Try baking instead of buying processed sugary treats in supermarkets, you’ll be able to see exactly what goes into it.

4. And if you enjoy baking regularly (which I absolutely love to do, it’s one of my favourite hobbies) do not take that away. I sometimes bake heavily calorific treats but I know this is okay. I do not eat all of them, I know I won’t. I give them out at work to share, (saving one for myself of course to try) One will not hurt you. But sharing them with others gives a great feeling of giving, and also the feedback will make you feel great! Bake anything you want, it’s the process that’s the best part!


5. If you download a pedometer on your phone, or buy one from your local pharmacy – keep track of how many steps you take a day. The goal I set for myself is between 8,000 to 10,000- which is surprisingly easy to do! It’s a great way to monitor how much walking you do, and can motivate you to do more!

6. My last tip (of hundreds I have) is to smile in the mirror everyday. You’ve got to believe in yourself, and enjoy the food that you’re eating. Our bodies are machines, built to be nourished, and you only get one. So thank yourself for it – keep a positive attitude!

You can indulge yourself, but in the good stuff too – I mean look at your choice!  Spinach and kale, mackerel and salmon (high in Omega-3) and sweet potatoes, potatoes, home-made bread, water melon, eggs, asparagus there are so many good and tasty foods out there!

If you go out with friends and they are excited about ordering dessert, don’t sit there moping that you ‘shouldn’t have one’ order one for yourself, knowing that you’re in control of your eating, and that you are living a healthy lifestyle – NOT A DIET.


My own Jam Doughnut inspired cupcakes! For the recipe keep checking back here for the video tutorial!

Healthy is the new sexy. 


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