The Oscars: Red Carpet Review

So last night marked the 87th Academy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. BUT instead of getting into the beautiful and classy details of the action, the part I want to review is the arrivals on the red carpet and the commentary made by Alex Zane on Sky Living, with his studio panel: Noel Clarke, Alexa Chung and Boyd Hilton.

Lucy Cotter was on the red carpet snapping up quick chats with the stars as they walked on but her annoying voice didn’t do much for me, neither did her questions, and I was glad when she seemed to not appear at all.

The first thing that struck me about the panel commentary was Alexa Chung’s comments on the fashion sense, I mean yes I have my favourite dresses of the night which I will reveal later, but I did not agree with her comment about Patricia Arquette saying:

‘She should have worn a more flattering dress, I am not sure that compliments her’ 

I was not entertained or impressed by her repetitive slating, nor did I care for it in the show. She ended up being someone I blocked out and whose opinions I didn’t care for. For the record I think Arquette looks stunning in her dress, and her ‘up-do’ complimented her off the shoulder look beautifully.

Next on the red carpet was Felicity Jones, and her dress was exquisite: folded effect floor length and pearl flower decorations in a lovely light taupe and it was definitely a wow factor!

Eddie Redmayne came on next and bumbled in his interview, distracted by the amount of rainfall they were seeing on the night.

Oh look, lots of expensive technology getting drenched!’  

He certainly looked jet lagged but extremely dapper and charming in his navy blue suit!

Our show host turned up with his husband on his arm, both looking extremely happy and lighting up the carpet as they walked down – filling the atmosphere with the good intentions of the night to come.

One of my favourite pictures of the night was this little beauty of Jennifer Aniston (snubbed terribly for her performance in Cake) and Emma Stone, who is up for best supporting actress for her performance in Birdman. 

Benedict Cumberbatch- another highlight of the red carpet, dressed in a smart white jacket and cute bow tie and his lovely wife Sophie Hunter. Beaming he commented about his recent marriage:

I feel I carry the sunshine wherever I go, it’s great’ 

Definitely made me feel all warm inside, such a lovely couple!

Now for my top 5 dresses of the night, which is a hard one because there were so many beautiful choices! But I have made up my mind and here they are:

Number 5: Reese Witherspoon 

Just flawless.

Number 4: Julianne Moore

Number 3: Keira Knightley

This dress was truly exquisite, such detail!

Number 2: Anna Kendrick

This may seem like a simple choice for a number 2 spot but I just thought the salmon pink colour was lovely and a beautiful tone for her skin and the cut was…well stunning!

Number 1: Rosamund Pike

It’s no surprise she gets my number one vote for the best dress yesterday – it was beautiful, elegant and she was dressed to kill. (No pun intended. 😉 )

Relating back to the commentary led by Alex Kane, I did think Alexa Chung shallow and narrow minded, and I didn’t take her opinions very seriously. Boyd Hilton definitely showed he was a traditional art kind of man, slating how ‘twenty minutes of staring to a chair’ couldn’t be art. He obviously has no clue on Contemporary Theatre. None whatsoever. Not much to say about Noel Clarke, he made a few comments now and then about Benedict Cumberbatch but other than that, he was pretty quiet and nodded along with it all.

Before I end this review, I must give an honourable mention to a dress choice, and that is to the Queen of experimental fashion herself, Lady Gaga. All I can say is : Marigolds.

So that concludes my review of the Red Carpet! Until next year for Oscars 2016!

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