My Life had stood a loaded gun by Emily Dickinson| Poems Review

My Life Had Stood a Loaded GunMy Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emily Dickinson writes with a dark beauty and a heavy weight to her words.
For my first peek into her work, I discovered I was sucked into her emotional and dark portraits of death.

I had a couple of favourites, her imagery was really really well placed, and it certainly put a more realistic view on life and life’s happenings.

‘I took my power in my hand, and went against the world, ‘Twas not so much as David had, but I was twice as bold.
I aimed my pebble, but myself was all the one that fell. Was it Goliath was too large, or am I too small?

This was one here was definitely one that stuck with me when I continued reading the short selection.
I think to have a raw account of failure is bold enough because there are so many poems, and books about hope and achievement and motivation that the foundation of that – failure – and fear of is glamorised into the background. I felt Dickinson does an equisite job of writing those words down that we find hardest to face.

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Siege and Storm: Book 2 of the Grisha Trilogy| Book Review

Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2)Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stag, Sea Whip, Firebird.

Eh. I did enjoy this book to a certain extent. I enjoyed being back in the Grisha verse, with Fabricators and all. It was also nice to have reference to Ketterdam, I kept thinking about my six babies over there!
And how I really wished I was with them.
Now do not get me wrong, I like Alina and I love Mal. But Alina in this one… jfghfkjgh she got on my nerves slightly with how back and forth she was. She never stopped thinking about her amplifiers, and how she needed them. But then she was also always looking at Mal’s face and how it made her heart beat faster, or how it made her blush. But it was constant. And nothing changed with their relationship, there were either some smiles, or it was stone cold arguments and frustrated conversations. Now I know it’s a troubled time but it was so repetitive for me 😦
It did make me sad because I really want to like this trilogy, and I do but it feels so much less than SOC did.
I will finish the series with Ruin and Rising, as the end considerably picked up for me. The book itself could have been a lot shorter, it felt like wading through thick sludge and Nikolai got on my nerves!
A bit of Darkling is always good though – not shy of that!

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Treasures of the Forgotten City Book Review | BlogTour

Hey guys!

So today I am a stop for the book blog tour of ‘Treasures of the Forgotten City’ by Danny McAleese and David Kristoph!

Now this book isn’t your average page 1 to end sorta book. Oh no. You’re moved through the book through your choices (and this is the first time I am saying this) but this book was definitely better to read electronically as clicking the links to where the choice led saved time and was much more satisfying.

So you’re given a brief overview at the beginning of who you are, because you as the reader are the main character. This was really interesting because this instantly immerses you more into the story. You don’t need to be hooked because the adventure lies with you. Now I am a major fan of RPGs and video games where they rely on your choices to move the game onward in either direction- so this adventure book instantly grabbed my attention as something I definitely wanted to experience. The setting at first definitely reminded of either The Mummy (desert, tombs, treasure) or Indiana Jones. You are an adventurer, a would-be treasure hunter and you’re trying to fill the shoes of your great-grandfather in finding the city of sands, Athraharsis.

I had my dice ready and was really pleased that the chapters were so short! This kept the adventure fast paced, and you didn’t run the risk of losing yourself in information. When the decisions started coming up I tried to play it safe but clever and most of the time I seemed to choose okay – what with the comments at the bottom of the chapter (GOOD JOB! SOLID CHOICE! etc)

Because the chapters were so short, we were jumping around the plot at an alarming rate so for my first go the other character who you were with (Waif) was really just a cog in the grand scheme of the game. Now, the concept for which the story is told is fantastic, I am definitely going to play it again. It certainly reminded me of dungeons and dragons – I was pleased that you didn’t go in order of the pages, you literally had no idea where you were going. Because the concept/game works so well, this is where the story/character(s) lack. Now as we, as the readers/participators are one and the main one, we only progress as far as we allow ourselves – whether that is writing information down, or studying maps longer. As for the other characters, we don’t really (from my experience so far, as there are naturally so many different paths through the text) need to worry about having much time with them. The main focus is choosing your next move to find either more treasure and work yourself deeper into the city (and of course stay alive) to find clues, solve the riddles and solve the ultimate puzzle.

Which I would like to add I failed to do on my first go because I simply turned the cog the wrong way. I did laugh as I was faced with The End because I didn’t see it coming!

To summarise, it was definitely an entertaining piece of immersive and interactive fiction! As a digital fiction it is a refreshing change to the normal physical book, and the interactivity really makes it stand out. Fiction is a loose term but it definitely had some mystery to it with the riddles to solve! I will be having a few more turns to gather more information and it’s definitely something to do with friends for a laugh to see how far you get – and it means one person can be on taking notes, one on the dice and one taking down symbols or map locations – it definitely allows you to be more than just ONE reader – which is lovely and unique and also would create a great sense of team work and satisfaction once the ultimate ending was reached.I definitely think this something which can be built on – I would love to see more like it!

Enjoyable for all ages 12+ depending on how descriptive it goes with the animals, and as a young adult at 23 I definitely think it works for adults too!

Many Thanks to Sage’s Blog Tours for inviting me to host this review. I hope you enjoyed it!





The Crown’s Game Book Review

The Crown's Game (The Crown's Game, #1)The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagine, and it shall be. There are no limits.

This book was a treat indeed. A treat straight from Ludmila’s pumpkin shaped shop!
I went into it thinking, okay standard magic, Russia, enchanters – political fight to be the best one etc etc.
Ho ho ho no.
This book was exquisitely written, Skye’s use of description, and choice of words were like music. So fluid and beautiful, it was like running your hands through silk.
Character wise, the main two were both lovable and both made questionable decisions -which made them a nice grey rather than both super good. They were real.
My favourite was Pasha- oh my baby boy, let nothing ever hurt you 😦
I enjoyed their dynamic, and didn’t really feel a love triangle as much as I have in other books, the trope was handled well – and didn’t make it about her choosing, rather she didn’t really know of a choice, or even felt like she needed to make a choice. It was just their love for her.

Overall, this read was surprising, extremely well written – I flew through this, and at the same time I didn’t want it to end. It was a very delicious cake that disappeared too quickly for my liking.
I cannot wait for The Crown’s Fate. I wish it was longer than a duology. BAH.
I am going to look for dream benches and coloured water.

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Spring Reads!

Hey guys!

So March 20th is the official arrival of Spring, and that date is fast approaching! (Finally!)

So here are my top 6 from my SPRING TO BE READ! I mean I had a lot to pick through but these are the must reads of this season. Like THE MUST READS.

Enjoy guys!


Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) Book Review

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Winter by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

”Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

I have finally collected my thoughts to write a review of the fourth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles series. (Bar Stars Above, but that is only short stories)

I am sad in someways that this is over, I will miss Wolf and Scarlet, I will miss Cress and Thorne – I am pleased they ended up together.

But this book, compared to the others, was slightly lacking. Being the fact it was HUGE I expected more than the couple of pages of resolution we had after.
For instance: Winter’s story feels barely begun, I felt we didn’t even reach a height with her – she needed more time, and more story after the apple. Jacin also – I wanted more of them together as of now I feel Winter is deemed to a life of the crazy.

I also found this plot very formulaic, each pair seemed to either lose one another, or one would sacrifice themselves for the other. Or both would be hurt and may not see each other again. Over and over again. I enjoyed it a few times, it showed they were all their own weaknesses, it just… it wasn’t as impactful over and over. I wish there had been more time spent near the end than just the above.
Levena as a character was really well done, it was nice to see her internal jealous struggle, which fuelled her drastic motives, but it was sad that she thought she had Luna’s best interests at heart.

Overall, I enjoyed it, if I overlooked the same things happening, but the characters are all lovable (My Wolf jfgkgh and Iko!)

I am looking forward to reading the novellas, but I do feel cheated at the length that there should have been slightly more about the resolution. You go through that whole fight, you want a little more than just a thin blanket and light hug afterwards, right?

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Shelf-Joy Review- a book app with a difference!

Hey guys!
So this review isn’t for a specific book but rather a bookish website called Shelf Joy.

    The books you’d rather be reading. 


So for starters you are greeted by your main page, if you scroll down you will see top users and authors with shelves they have created and are recommending to people. You can also sign in with your twitter account so it is super accessible.

I did find navigation a slight issue to begin with, I was thinking… what is the purpose of this…what do I do… but as soon as I started typing in the box what books I was into or a certain aspect I look for such as ‘fantasy’ I was off.

I found a number of shelves and when you click on them and see the list of books, by each book is an emotion about how that book made them feel. So you know the sort of books you are in the mood for. You can also like and share the book on social media sites with buttons at the side for ease of access. I really liked the link to buy button at the bottom as well – it’s helpful for those who need quick access to buy it instantly!!

I love the little logo for them, I think it’s adorable!

I did try making my own shelf and this is the only thing I found had slight problems. Unless it was just me but I found it rather slow in respect to waiting for the site to find the book you want to add. And it didn’t bring up the most popular or go with the spelling – it could bring up completely different books. I added two books but by that point I was a little exasperated with that aspect. I think I will stick with finding book recommendations from it and browsing other people’s shelves.

I did like the footbar that changed to the book you were looking at and the book up next – it was a nice feature to tell you what was next.

My ‘Even better if’ would be if it had a bar code/scanner option if you were out and you wanted to add it to your shelf. you could do so without it taking an age to search through Google for you.

It has great social media links with Facebook – you can get the recommendations straight to your messenger- which makes it’s ease of access in that respect fantastic. As soon as apps/websites start working well with others it is a dream!

Still, it’s now my go-to for finding recommendations – 9/10 in my searches I find a relevant recommendation to what I had searched. Spot on! I would definitely recommend signing up and giving it a go – it definitely has stand out features that sets it apart from competitors such as goodreads etc.

I recently found this through one of the creators contacting me, asking if I would like to use it for a few days/week and review.I actually can say I will continue to use this website to ‘shelve’ my books or find new recommendations because I really love the different, more personal ways you could talk about the books.

Thank you very much Shelf Joy for asking me to review the site!

Happy Spring Reading, guys!

Love, Em x


Of Fire and Stars Book Review

Of Fire and StarsOf Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My heart is still beating at a galloping pace. I am in awe. I LOVED this book.
I really really loved it.
The plot was great – It wasn’t just about them together – so much happened – they were brought together. It was gradual.
The host of characters were all different and added something to the dynamic of the way the story unfolded. This will be a re-reader for me. I can honestly say I am so upset this is a stand alone. Coulthurst needs to reconsider this because I could read so much more about these two all day. So much more.
The happenings in this book were done so well, not everything unravelled right in front of you, some things were displayed through conversation – which was realistic and I always appreciate not being spoon fed.
If time had been on my side, I would have gulped this up in one sitting. But on one hand I think it was a blessing I was forced to take it slow. It enabled me to completely take in the entire story – from both perspectives given. I was addicted, my mind kept wandering to them both when I was trying to work. I am addicted to both of them as they are addicted to each other.
I ship it 1000000%! Mare and Denna make me feel gooey, warm and how I felt when I first fell in love (and constantly being in it too) that swell in the pit of your stomach that drops now and then when you realise how beautiful the colour of their eyes are. Or when you see them coming home after being out in bad weather, their hair slightly tousled and make up running down their cheeks. Love is a beautiful thing- and Coulthurst writes growing and sparking love beautifully. She literally strikes flint against stone and creates a fiery love affair that leaves me gasping for air.
To write about two women being together in a fantasy setting and may I add its’ constantly referenced how other men find other men attractive, and women too. It’s a normal, natural thing. It’s completely equal and I really love that. It’s not about how bad it is that they are two women together. It’s about the treachery of it – or what detrimental effects that has on the kingdom. Nothing is said or related to the fact of them being women. IT’S COMPLETELY NORMALISED HURRAH – IT’S NOT EVEN THE POINT HURRAH!!!!

This was such a good, exciting and just exhilarating read – I am so so pleased I bought this. I think (And I know it’s only Feb but this has been a STAND OUT for me so far and I am just sad that I have nothing more to read of them now)

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